The Jib-Jabbers and the Pentaportal Incongruity

We don't need no water...
Let that moldy mansion burn!

Ipslore here:
So things started, like most things, right in the middle.
After the finest meal I have ever been denied was destroyed by this really obnoxious Fleshy thing (no, not The Dude), the team decides to call upon their most handsome party member to do the hard work. Naturally, being vain, I agree to set this mother ablaze.
At this point I should point out that Lowkaar insists that it was his mouth farts that started the fire, and he’s not wrong, but if it were not for my ingenious dispersion of flammable liquids, it wouldn’t have helped. Also they are very stinky, those mouth farts.
Then we got attacked by these boner bozos. They shot Bean in the leg. I laughed on the inside. Or was it the outside? I can never really tell anymore.
Shhh, I’m telling a story here.
Right, where was I? Oh yeah, bony guys. Lowkaar tried to tackle a building. How he can know spells escapes me. I don’t think HWWB even likes him enough to help…
They die.
Then the Dude decides to put a flaming trailer on him as cover. I dunno, I’ll never understand humans and their quirks.
Then this frickin’ skull on fire appears and turns me and the Dude into stone. I mean, he is the dude and we do get stoned, but not like this. I mean, it’s the principle of the whole thing…
Next thing I know, my arms are free in time to see this anorexic chick trying to play pattycake with me. Who am I to say no to a game of pattycake?
Soon after that Lowkaar finds a reason to cut off 4 of my fingers.
He said something like “plague rot bunnies” or something and then chop.
Yeah, it takes a long time to type this with thumbs.
But now we have two bimbos in nets under the ground. That’s money in the bank or something like that. Which is good, because new fingers are gonna be pricey.
Oh, and now HWWB is telling me i’m “level 7” or something. Dude (HWWB, not the other The Dude)speaks gibberish a lot of the time, but he said I get new tentacles.
New tentacles almost make me feel better about my fingers.

The Buried Witch

LowKaar is familiar with being the muscle, however his extensive military training has provided him with combat and battle experience far above the training of his new found comrades. Clearly he is the strongest, but secretly fears that he will have to kill one of his companions in self defense. While the Jib Jabbers are not enforcers of authority or rule they may not all be " good", and the reality that he may have to die for their cause, whatever that is, is beginning to sway his allegiances.

Legend of the Burrito Named Rocky
Eatting the burrito will make you go to the bathroom.

While the Jib-Jabbers were scouring the Nenin Estate in search of the malevolent Foul Coven, they had an amazing idea. They would end up casting Magic Circle on a rock and swaddle it with a White Bear Skin Cloak and trick the blood witch Mallory into triggering the trap. To encourage the bitch, I mean witch, Ipslore echoed the wails of a baby’s cries with the epicenter of Rocky. Oh yeah, that’s the rock in the burrito, i mean cloak.
Turns out, vampires heard those cries and immediately triggered the trap. Too bad for our heroes, the Magic Circle was cast for fiends, which includes witches, rather than undead creatures such as the vampires that stood in the great cylinder of light.
The vampires suddenly understood they were not alone and attacked the Jib-Jabbers; with one mounting the back of the dragon-born newcomer, LowKaar, and the other sank his teeth into Seregon to drain him of his blood. This led to two very dead vampires and a very thirsty Half-Elf.

LowKaar Joins the Gang.

Waylaid in Prieston for much longer than he had anticipated LowKaar finally found himself on the edge of large property where he expected to meet Alk Farr. Just as his communications had described an old wagon was parked out front. Lowkaar did not see Alk Farr. What he did see surprised him. A makeshift campsite with the strangest assortment of vagabonds. Approaching cautiously as to avoid detection he moved close enough to over hear the fireside discussion.
“No” the tiny one said “you smushed in his brains, and we think it’s for the best”. LowKaar could not make out every word but got the impression that the travelers were not a threat to him. However, Alk Farr was not one of this company and he wasn’t near by. Contemplative, LowKaar wandered how he would discover the whereabouts of Alk Farr and complete his mission without being recaptured and sent back to Prieston. He had nearly decided to spring an attack on the small campsite when the holy man fired up a magnificently odoriferous herb. Changing his mind entirely based on his desire to be a part of this he approached casually and stepped into the circle.

The Nenin Estate

The Jib-Jabbers have come to an old abandoned house that seems to change in the darkness of night. They stumbled upon Alk Farr the Last Archon a self proclaimed “witch hunter” who had told our heroes that he was there to find his bounty.


Once the Jib-Jabbers finally awoke from a long rest, they found Alk Farr the Last Archon gone and he had left a note saying he could not wait for dawn.

The heroes venture forth to find what dangers and treasures may lay ahead in this mysterious mansion.

Welcome to the Jib-Jabbers HQ
A website for our campaign

I think this would be an awesome way to keep things together and share information and ideas. If you guys do not use it, I might just as a DM.


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