If points were awarded for really terrible ideas...


Gnome Warlock 7, Hermit Background, Chaotic Up-For-Debate
AC: 14 HP: 77 Speed: 25 Initiative: +2
Strength: 11 (Bro, I don’t even lift.)
Dexterity: 14 (Because clumsy bomb makers don’t retire.)
Constitution: 17 (Cause You Can’t, And You Won’t, And You Don’t Stop! )
Intelligence: 12 (Because instruction manuals do not a book make)
Wisdom: 11 (Why yes, I do put tomatoes in my fruit salad. Why do you ask?)
Charisma: 19 (What makes horrifying tentacles charming will forever escape me)

I was once a family man. Worked as a tinkerer, making toys and gadgets for friends and family. I also worked as a chemist and apothecary, being the town pharmacist. One day I was working in my lab on a perpetual motion engine and my labrat/pet Binky (now white and dried, also my spell focus)knocked over a vial, causing an explosion. Nothing major, but I received a massive dose of LSD. Not knowing I was dosed, I went back to my engine and started tripping hard. Followed the mechanical paths I saw into a deeper realm of understanding on the nature of the universe. At this point I came to meet “He who walks behind”. He was/is/will be a nigh impossibility to understand. We formed a pact. He gives me the power and knowledge to develop my devices better, I spread his message. Still don’t know what that message is, but I no longer care about my appearance or if I’m understood by those around me.


The Jib-Jabbers and the Pentaportal Incongruity DM_Zack Das_Hortenator