The Jib-Jabbers and the Pentaportal Incongruity

LowKaar Joins the Gang.

Waylaid in Prieston for much longer than he had anticipated LowKaar finally found himself on the edge of large property where he expected to meet Alk Farr. Just as his communications had described an old wagon was parked out front. Lowkaar did not see Alk Farr. What he did see surprised him. A makeshift campsite with the strangest assortment of vagabonds. Approaching cautiously as to avoid detection he moved close enough to over hear the fireside discussion.
“No” the tiny one said “you smushed in his brains, and we think it’s for the best”. LowKaar could not make out every word but got the impression that the travelers were not a threat to him. However, Alk Farr was not one of this company and he wasn’t near by. Contemplative, LowKaar wandered how he would discover the whereabouts of Alk Farr and complete his mission without being recaptured and sent back to Prieston. He had nearly decided to spring an attack on the small campsite when the holy man fired up a magnificently odoriferous herb. Changing his mind entirely based on his desire to be a part of this he approached casually and stepped into the circle.


DM_Zack DM_Zack

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