The Jib-Jabbers and the Pentaportal Incongruity

The Buried Witch

LowKaar is familiar with being the muscle, however his extensive military training has provided him with combat and battle experience far above the training of his new found comrades. Clearly he is the strongest, but secretly fears that he will have to kill one of his companions in self defense. While the Jib Jabbers are not enforcers of authority or rule they may not all be " good", and the reality that he may have to die for their cause, whatever that is, is beginning to sway his allegiances.


He just needs to learn how to party.
There ain’t no party like an Ipslore party cause an Ipslore party can’t really be found except in some, like, suuuuuuper underground Japanese websites.

The Buried Witch
DM_Zack DM_Zack

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